Monday, March 8, 2010


It is 7:30am and I am getting ready to ride my bike to work when my cell phone rings from an unknown number.
Now that my not be unusual to some, but for me that is odd to say the least, so I pick up instead of letting it go to the answering machine.

It's the owner of the slip where Jolly Roger is supposedly safely tied to the dock in Puerto Vallarta. When I hear the word Tsunami, my heart skips a beat. Well, turns out that the Tsunami caused some big tide shifts, high tide to low tide in 15 minutes, over and over again. I guess the 20yr old pilings just couldn't take it and it was reported that half the pilings in PV were damage including the ones on the Jolly Roger dock.

"No noticeable damage" "moved to a safe spot" is what I hear after I calm down.
So I am off to Puerto Vallarta to check on the Jolly Roger.
Another check list to write, packing list to fill. I keep thinking good thoughts for the JR, I am sure she is just fine and I imagine that she was just trying to head to Hawaii ahead of schedule.

I am so glad to be leaving from a location with a all the services within walking distance and a rebuilt motor, fixed fuel tank, new hoses, and propane line. While El Salvador was an adventure, trying to leave was an exhaustive experience.

So one trip down to PV before the final one way flight. Wish I had more time to spend going through all the systems again, vacation time is in high demand with low supply.
Turns out for this trip I will be there the same time as my friends CB, Tawn, and Dan'O.
Meeting friends in other countries is always the makings for a good time.